Business policy

Becoming the best life-event database and solution company in the world.

People are the driving force behind corporate growth. We aim to create an environment in which each one of LIFULL employee can make the most of their abilities. The most important thing is to support employees when they have a heartfelt desire to achieve their goals. Rather than relying on support from those around them, people need to be determined to contribute and grow for themselves if they want to make more of their talents and innate abilities. Here at LIFULL, we are aiming to grow further, establishing a more creative style of working conducive to sharing a whole host of ideas.

LIFULL database + LIFULL solution = more hapiness

Continuing to provide services for more fulfilling lives and lifestyles.
LIFULL activities branching out into all areas.

We are dedicated to providing services that go hand in hand with people’s lives. We create new services, or improve on existing services, with the aim of providing support so that people can look to the future with comfort and happiness. That is what led us to create the real estate and housing site LIFULL HOME’S, and to expand into developing a whole host of general lifestyle-related information services. In recent years, we have also been focusing on our overseas operations, not least Trovit, one of the world’s largest aggregation sites. At the same time, we are actively working to branch out into new areas beyond real estate. We will continue to provide information that precisely suits individual needs to help more people lead happy lives, and create futures full of hope.