Aiming to provide everyone with services for more fulfilling lives and lifestyles.


Our name “LIFULL” is an amalgamation of the words “LIFE” and “FULL.” It captures our determination to provide everyone with services for more fulfilling lives and lifestyles. That determination stems from our corporate creed “altruism,” which in turn captures the simple notion that we want to make everyone happy. “Are we making our customers’ LIFE FULL?” We continue to ask ourselves that question as we strive to provide services that are tailored to suit each person.

A logo that expresses our focus
on a wide range of needs.

Our logo consists of our symbol “Letter L Focus,” which is an arrangement of the “L” from LIFULL, alongside our logotype, using a neutral typeface. The symbol is based on the idea of focusing on various different areas, as we strive to make the world a better place. It captures LIFULL’s commitment to providing individually tailored information services in line with a whole range of needs.

A highly flexible design that balances brand identity
with service differentiation.

While creating the same overall impression thanks to the logotype, the symbol offers the freedom to express individual services, in order to strike a balance between a standardized brand identity for LIFULL and differentiation of individual services. Rather than placing an emphasis on regulations as previously, this is designed to be highly functional and flexible, in so that it is both easy to understand and easy to use.

Logo Design project

A new logo, created to show how serious we are about our brand philosophy


  • designer/manager

    Yosuke Watanabe

  • designer

    Yoko Mori


The logo needed to reflect our core belief, I thought long and hard about our brand philosophy, “Make every LIFE FULL.” “Every” and “LIFE” just seemed like ordinary words to me at first, so I made numerous preparatory sketches that expressed the word “FULL.” However, as I learned that exploring what people need, and tailoring things to each individual rather than doing the same for everyone is an important idea for the company, I started to think I should focus on the word "every" instead.

Then I decided that it would be better to express it in the sense of “focusing on the individual.” That led me to come up with a draft entitled “Letter L Focus.” I created a symbol that looked like it was enclosing something, using the “L” of LIFULL as a motif. The size of the enclosure could be easily varied, and elements representing different services could be placed in the middle.


Creating a logo that offered a degree of freedom was actually one of the design themes. The vast majority of logos are bound by strict regulations regarding their usage. As well as the fact that people don’t like being bound by things, if you have to use a logo in line with a manual, you tend to use it without thinking too. Even though it’s a symbol of your philosophy, you end up become disengaged every time you use the logo. That feels like the opposite of being creative. I can’t help feeling that’s a bit strange.

Although we still intended to set out general rules, people would be able to change the logo as they wish, and come up with new ways of using the white space. Using the logo like that would make it more personal and give people a better understanding of our philosophy. I kept talking about designs like that with Mori and our advisor. Using the initial “L” from LIFULL was a brilliant idea that also tied in with everything we had done up to that point.