LIFULL Co., Ltd., providing housing life information services including LIFULL HOME’S, the real estate information website with the most property listings, is pleased to announce that it has formed a business alliance in the area of international real estate investment with Homelink, one of the largest real estate brokers in China.


 Based on the business alliance, information on real estate for investment that is posted on LIFULL HOME’S will also be posted on Homelink (URL: Homelink will introduce these properties to Chinese real estate investors who are considering investing in real estate in Japan on its site and in face-to-face sales activities. Inquiries from Chinese investors received through Homelink will be interpreted and translated by the team of international real estate investment experts at LIFULL to support sales transactions with sellers (developers, sales traders, etc.). LIFULL will also coordinate property management with management companies as an agent for Chinese investors after they have purchased real estate in Japan.
 The alliance will enable customers of Homelink (Chinese real estate investors) to invest in real estate in Japan from many options. For clients of LIFULL HOME’S (developers, brokers and management companies, etc.), this will increase the possibility of matching with more Chinese real estate investors and enable them to engage in sales transactions and property management with Chinese real estate investors without any concerns about language.


 Homelink, established in 2001, provides matching services for existing houses, new houses, lease, resort properties and overseas real estate as an integrated real estate service platform. Homelink has built an enormous network of more than 8,000 directly managed stores located in 32 cities and regions across China and more than 150,000 agents. It established an overseas business division in March 2015 and opened a Japanese branch office in June 2017 to provide customers in major cities in China with brokerage services related to real estate sales transactions in Japan.
 LIFULL acquired the international real estate investment business from Marimo Co., Ltd. in September 2016 and has since been focusing on matching overseas investors with real estate business operators in Japan by integrating the global investor network and the multilingual concierge service team of Marimo with LIFULL’s services.
 With the business alliance on this occasion, LIFULL will accelerate the building of the global real estate investment platform by expanding inbound investment in cooperation with Homelink and activating the real estate industry in Japan as a result.


Setting “Make every LIFE FULL” as the corporate message, the LIFULL Group will continue to provide housing life information services that will fill the lives of more people with comfort and joy.


About Homelink
  Head office : Beijing, China
  Representative : 左晖 (Zuo Hui)
  Established : 2001
  Business : Purchase, sale, lease and brokerage and related services of used houses, new houses, resort properties and overseas real estate
  Website :