About Us

The Corporate Philosophy



Our priority is to make everyone happy in the world.
First and foremost, make someone else happy. Then before you realize it, happiness will come back to you. That is altruism. Since our foundation, we have been working under the company credo of altruism. The company credo is LIFULL’s reason for existence in society and provides our ultimate principles of action.

Corporate Philosophy

Create a society where everyone can attain "comfort" and "happiness" through continuous social innovations

They are our objectives and methods of management and principles of action for employees. Based on the company credo of altruism, they describe and set forth the vision of the world that we should create through businesses. We can say that the company credo and the corporate philosophy are the raison d’être of the company. They will never be changed as long as the company exists.


The Guidelines are LIFULL’s code of conduct. They are our action guidelines that we should follow in our operations to achieve the corporate philosophy.

  • Continue Searching
    for the Truth

    We consider the truth to be something everyone appreciates as being absolutely good. We will question, reflect on, and work towards that truth.

  • Dare to try big things

    We take on challenges - despite possible risks - with an open mind and unrestrained by past actions.

  • Set high goals,
    keep planning and
    follow through

    We set high goals and break those down into monthly, weekly and daily plans. We do not just plan once, rather constantly re-evaluate our plans to always find the shortest route to follow through on our goals.

  • Own your words,
    be respectful and

    We communicate respectfully and in a way which others can easily understand. We always make the extra effort to ensure that everyone achieves the same level of understanding. Once we have made a decision, we act with a sense of ownership.

  • Be as quick as possible

    We make decisions, set goals and take action as quickly as possible.

  • Be involved and
    bring about change

    We do not just observe. We put ourselves into the center of the issues we or others are facing and ultimately find solutions.

  • Act with
    Highest Integrity

    We always make decisions that are 100% consistent with our high moral standards. This does not simply refer to abiding by laws, company regulations, or contracts; it also refers to making sound decisions even in gray zones, where there are no obvious rules.

  • Foster True Teamwork

    We are a unified team of individuals with the intent of making our corporate philosophy a reality. We are creating an environment where anyone can reach their greatest potential by facilitating honest and constructive communication. We strive for optimal holistic solutions and make the best contribution possible as a team.

  • Conduct
    business honestly
    while solving
    social issues

    We are committed to finding the right balance between operating a sustainable business and finding solutions to social issues - from those of individuals to those which affect the whole world. The payments we receive from our clients are, therefore, a form of thanks for our contributions to society.

  • Value Every Stakeholder

    We value all of our stakeholders including consumers, clients, employees, partners, shareholders, society, and the environment. We make the right decisions - even stakeholders who might not be apparent at first.

LIFULL Quality Standards

Quality standards we promise for every value we offer.

The LIFULL Quality Standards indicates the quality of businesses and services that we pledge to maintain. We can call it our declaration that “We will create these services and value” concerning our businesses and quality control. At the LIFULL Group, our employees pursue these five principles to provide solid value.

  1. Life-centered
    Does it fulfill people's lives?
  2. For Everyone
    Does it respect people's individuality?
  3. Well-being
    Does it contribute to people's well-being?
  4. Focused
    Does it focus on the true essence of the subject?
  5. Amazing
    Does it amaze people?