Real Estate



    Real estate and housing information aggregation web service. As Japan’s top (*) provider in terms of the number of available properties, services cover a wide range of information, from renting and buying to building, renovating and real estate investments.

    * Surveyed by Sankei Medix (January 26, 2017)

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.



    A B2B communication platform providing a link between real estate companies and other peripheral businesses such as construction and renovation. Specialized in the real estate industry, this service increases efficiency in exchanging specialist information.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Rumah

    LIFULL Rumah

    Real estate and housing information website for Indonesia. It carries newly built, used and rental properties throughout Indonesia.

    Operating Company: PT. LIFULL MEDIA INDONESIA

  • LIFULL Concierge

    LIFULL Concierge

    Real estate agency service for Japanese employees re-assigned to Jakarta. LIFULL Concierge has connections to all residential and commercial properties frequented by Japanese clients. The service also supports clients throughout the rental process from viewing the property to the signing of the rental contract as well as land sales.

    Operating Company: PT. LIFULL MEDIA INDONESIA

  • Trovit


    One of the largest aggregation websites in the world, providing information on 120 million items, including real estate & housing, used cars, recruitment and mail orders in 53 countries worldwide. Users who search with Trovit can find what they are looking for without having to check multiple websites.

    Operating Company: Trovit Search, S.L.

Revitalize Rural Japan


  • LIFULL Move

    LIFULL Move

    Aggregating over 100 moving companies throughout Japan, this service matches users to moving packages according to their needs.Features such as rankings and reviews of moving companies are also available for improved matching.

    Operating Company: LIFULL MOVE Co., Ltd.


  • LIFULL Storage

    LIFULL Storage

    Trunk room is a storage space searching web service.Users receive numerous options that can be easily reserved by email or telephone without charge.

    Operating Company: LIFULL SPACE Co., Ltd.


  • LIFULL Interior

    LIFULL Interior

    Furniture and interior decoration EC.Users can simplify their search for the perfect furniture using customizable categories and coordination tools.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

Nursing Care

  • LIFULL Nursing Care

    LIFULL Nursing Care

    Special care facility searching web service.Users can browse through more than 32,000 nursing care facilities all over Japan, including private nursing homes and senior housing.Features such as requests for informational materials and visiting reservations simplify the process even further.

    Operating Company: LIFULL senior Co., Ltd.

Finance and Insurance

  • LIFULL Insurance

    LIFULL Insurance -Insurance consultation-

    Online appointment service for insurance agencies.Users can find and make an appointment at one of more than 1,200 insurance offices throughout Japan.With online ranking tools, the choice is even easier.A call center is also available for any questions that may arise.

    Operating Company: LIFULL FinTech Co., Ltd.

  • LIFULL Insurance

    LIFULL Insurance -Insurance comparison-

    Full-consultation insurance service.Users have the choice of any kind of insurance, such as life and property insurance The professional staff also takes factors such as age and lifestyle to provide better insurance plans. In addition to reviewing current policies, users have the option of taking out new ones as well. Consultants and financial planners are available for free consultations.

    Operating Company: LIFULL FinTech Co., Ltd.

Mother's Support

  • Lifull FaM


    Based on the concept of “Happy family, happy working life,” LIFULL FaM was created to help working mothers balance childcare with work while pursuing a career.

    Operating Company: LIFULL FaM Co., Ltd.




    Shop for flowers online with our flower gift shop.Fresh from the garden, users receive monthly flower deliveries based on their chosen plan.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

Sample Products

  • LIFULL Produk

    LIFULL Produk

    Food and cosmetics online review service.Users can read reviews of food and cosmetics sold in Indonesia.

    Operating Company: PT. LIFULL MEDIA INDONESIA




    Co-working space operated by LIFULL Co., Ltd.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.

Restaurant Business

  • LIFULL Table

    LIFULL Table

    Restaurant and party space operated by LIFULL Co., Ltd.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Co., Ltd.


  • LIFULL Marketing Partners

    Provides full web assistance (system development to promotion, consulting and data analysis) for real estate related companies.

    Operating Company: LIFULL Marketing Partners Co., Ltd.