Takashi InouePresident and CEO

Takashi Inoue

1968 Born November 23, 1968
April 1991 Joined Recruit Cosmos Co., Ltd. (now Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd.)
April 1992 Transferred to Recruit
July 1995 Formed his own company, NEXT HOME Co.
March 1997 Founded NEXT, Co., Ltd., appointed President and CEO (current position)
November 2011 Became President and General Manager of HOME'S Business Department
April 2014 Became President and Overseas Business Division Manager
April 2017 President, CEO, Creative Division Manager and Chief Representative
April 2018 President, CEO

In April 2017, we changed our name from NEXT Co., Ltd. to LIFULL Co., Ltd. Chosen from ideas submitted by employees, LIFULL means enabling everyone to live their LIFE to the FULL(est), and reflects our desire to offer people happy lifestyles that make them smile every day.
When the company was founded in 1997, only around 20% of people in Japan had mobile phones, and just a small percent used the internet. Nowadays, the number of mobile phone contracts in Japan has exceeded the country’s population, and over 80% of people use the internet. Information and communication technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. New technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) meanwhile are increasingly turning the impossible into a reality, across all walks of life. The real estate sector is no exception. We are seeing a steady stream of technologies emerging to spur on innovation in the real estate industry, or “real estate tech (ReTech)”, something we have been promoting since day one. How best to harness these technologies and provide value has become a crucial question. We are already working to improve the accuracy of information and matching services through AI, while using VR to provide new user experiences. In the future, we are planning to expand next generation information services that extend beyond the confines of conventional online media. We will continue to take on new challenges, in our quest to establish a platform to enable anyone to effortlessly move home and secure real estate with confidence, regardless of their nationality or language.
We will also be focusing on new businesses in areas outside real estate in the future, looking more towards lifestyles in general. We intend to identify untapped demand in different areas, and develop new information services unlike anything available at present, so that we can continue to expand the LIFULL Group and grow our business. We remain committed to constant innovation, and hope that the LIFULL Group will have earned a place in people’s hearts in 30, 50 or 100 years time, as we continue to enable everyone to live their LIFE to the FULL(est).

Takashi YamadaDirector

Takashi Yamada

1973 Born October 16, 1973
April 1992 Joined Bab-Hitachi Business Corporation
January 1996 Joined Eto Soft Office Ltd.
March 2000 Joined NEXT
April 2010 Managing Officer/General Manager of Product Development Department
June 2014 Director/General Manager of HOME'S Business Department
April 2017 Director, General Manager of LIFULL HOME'S Division and Technology Platform Department
April 2018 Director, General Manager of LIFULL HOME'S Division and Technology Platform Department,  President, CEO of LIFULL Marketing Partners