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Behavioral Targeting Advertising

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Behavioral Targeting Advertising

The LIFULL Group conducts behavioral targeting advertising.

What Is Behavioral Targeting Advertising?

Behavioral targeting advertising refers to the technique of distributing advertisements tailored to the interests of visitors as identified from browsing histories of websites and apps and other online actions.

Information and Mechanisms Used

The LIFULL Group conducts behavioral targeting advertising through the third-party advertisement distribution companies listed below (“Third-Party Companies”). These Third-Party Companies obtain aspects of Action History Information and other information concerning Customers (excluding personal information) by using cookies, web beacons and the like; perform statistical processing and based on the statistical data, distribute behavioral targeting advertisements on their own websites and the websites of their contracted parties. The aspects of Action History Information include information independently acquired and accumulated by the Third-Party Companies on websites other than LIFULL Group websites.

Note: A cookie is a mechanism used to save website access history, data sent to a server or other information as a file on the User’s computer (or other devices used for web browsing). A User may choose to reject the use of cookies by making the appropriate settings to block cookies, or to delete cookies saved to a computer by deleting their browsing history. This may limit availability of certain internet services.


Refer to the websites and apps of the Third-Party Companies for detailed information on their distribution of behavioral targeting advertisements. You can also choose to disable (i.e., opt out of) their behavioral targeting advertising on their websites.

Third-Party Companies Distributing Advertisements

company name privacy policy opt out
Adjust GmbH privacy policy opt-out
Apple Inc. privacy policy
Bytedance Inc. privacy policy
CERES INC. privacy policy opt-out
criteo privacy policy opt-out
CHEQ privacy policy
FAN Communications, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
Geniee, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
GMO AD Marketing Inc privacy policy opt-out
Google LLC privacy policy opt-out
Gunosy Inc. privacy policy opt-out
Intimate Merger, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
Linkedge Inc. privacy policy
LOGLY, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
lombard inc. privacy policy
marge co., ltd. privacy policy opt-out
Meta Platforms, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
MICROAD, INC. privacy policy opt-out
Microsoft Corporation privacy policy opt-out
NTT DOCOMO, INC. privacy policy opt-out
Otonal Inc. privacy policy opt-out
Performance Horizon Group Limited privacy policy
PIALA INC. privacy policy
Pinterest, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
Rentracks Co., Ltd. privacy policy opt-out
RTB House privacy policy opt-out
Scigineer Inc. privacy policy opt-out
SmartNews, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
SMN Corporation privacy policy
Data policy
Spider Labs Inc. privacy policy opt-out
Taboola, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
Twitter, Inc. privacy policy opt-out
LY Corporation privacy policy opt-out
YouAppi Inc. privacy policy opt-out