What is LIFULL?


Creating an environment that inspires us all to make the best of our abilities.

People are the driving force behind corporate growth.We are working to create an environment in which every one of LIFULL’s employees can make the best of their abilities. The most important thing is to support employees when they have a heartfelt desire to achieve their goals. Rather than relying on support from those around them, people need to be determined to contribute and grow for themselves if they want to make more of their talents and innate abilities.We are aiming to achieve further growth for LIFULL, while enabling a more creative style of working conducive to sharing a whole host of ideas.

Our office that will make the LIFULL style of working a reality.

In April 2017, we relocated LIFULL headquarters to the Hanzomon area of Tokyo. As part of the relocation, we defined our new office as a “new arena for communication,” designed to create new encounters and encourage free thinking. We decided to renovate a 50-year-old office building, and to actively create mechanisms and new ways for people both inside and outside the company to interact with one another. As well as taking into account the comfort of our employees, we also set out to create a highly functional workplace that would be adaptable to suit a range of different styles of working. We have created a new office decorated with the unique personality of LIFULL based on the single ideal of an office environment that has a positive impact on our work.

Our office location is a lush, green part of Tokyo close to the moat of the Imperial Palace. Despite being in the heart of the city, it is an area where time flows more slowly, away from the hustle and bustle. The central location nonetheless provides excellent transport links, in a diverse business area lined with a mix of old and new office buildings.

A functional space that helps enable individuals to achieve their vision.

  • “Hot desking” to facilitate internal communication

    We have introduced a hot desking system in an effort to encourage communication between employees, particularly in the case of sales staff. As employees don’t have their own fixed desk, this creates opportunities for new connections outside the constraints of departments or projects.

  • “Concentration booths” to encourage thinking as individuals rather than teams

    Employees often need somewhere to work on the spark of inspiration, or somewhere to refine their own ideas. That is why we have provided work spaces on each floor, where an employee can take time out to concentrate alone effectively on a specific subject.

  • “Fab space” – a new hub for creating products

    We have set up a workshop in anticipation of manufacturing needs as part of new services and businesses. We are looking at installing state-of-the-art tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters, to help creative talents both inside and outside the company to come up with products.

A “new arena for communication” produced by the ENGAWA Project

When we started exploring office environments for the future, we decided that we wanted to have a “new arena for communication.” That means a space where anyone can drop in to visit, a source of information for people inside and outside the company, and a comfortable environment that facilitates interaction. We called this concept the “ENGAWA Project,” and put it at the heart of our office relocation plans. The facilities that capture this idea most effectively are the first floor café and the shared office space on the second floor. We are using these areas to encourage communication and creativity above and beyond the usual confines of an office.

  • A vibrant café encouraging interaction with people outside the company

    On the first floor, we have a café that is also open to local people. Called LIFULL Table, it is ideal for casual meetings over food or a drink, or even company events or parties. We intend to use it as a practical space for free-flowing communication.

  • Shared office space bursting with inspiration and passion, bringing together fresh talent

    On the second floor, we have LIFULL HUB, a shared office space for a wide range of business people. We hope this will trigger all sorts of chain reactions, including providing support for people who are looking to start a business and being inspired by unique individual talents. This environment will also be a space to nurture the seeds of business and take on new challenges for the future.

ENGAWA project

A new office building bursting with ways to create new connections


  • Custom House Market Unit

    Tomohiko Ando

  • Credit Administration Group

    Takashi Itoi

  • IT System Group


  • LIFULL Branding Unit

    Daisuke Miyata


During an in-house discussion on the theme of "think about the office environment that has a positive effect on work", I presented an idea of “creating engawa, wooden-floored veranda in a traditional Japanese house, at work,” based on the notion of verandas linking the inside and outside of the building. That presentation formed the prototype for this project. Several years later, various coincidences overlapped and the prototype became the concept of "ENGAWA Project," a relocation project of the headquarters for creating an ideal office environment.


I felt that “Make every LIFE FULL” was a particularly difficult theme to work with Even so, we also had limited budget and space. So what should we do? Questions like this gave us an opportunity to really think things through.


Working with an old building created difficulties from the point of view of IT infrastructure. Older buildings tend to have lots of pillars, and they are made from heavier concrete than buildings nowadays. As that can block radio waves, we had to measure radio waves repeatedly so that we could create a usable wireless LAN environment.


Relocation isn’t the end of this project. If anything, it’s just the beginning. We will have no leader on this project from now on, so I hope we can create the ideal office environment in which each and every employee becomes a leader.