What is LIFULL?

The Corporate Philosophy



Our priority is to make everyone happy in the world.
First and foremost, make someone else happy. Then before you realize it, happiness will come back to you. That is altruism. Since our foundation, we have been working under the company credo of altruism. The company credo is LIFULL’s reason for existence in society and provides our ultimate principles of action.

Corporate Philosophy

Create a society where everyone can attain "comfort" and "happiness" through continuous social innovations

They are our objectives and methods of management and principles of action for employees.
Based on the company credo of altruism, they describe and set forth the vision of the world that we should create through businesses. We can say that the company credo and the corporate philosophy are the raison d'être of the company. They will never be changed as long as the company exists.


The Guidelines are LIFULL’s code of conduct. They are our action guidelines that we should follow in our operations to achieve the corporate philosophy.

Continue Searching for the Truth

We believe that truth is what everyone holds to be good and will continue striving and searching for this truth.

Be a Leader for Positive Change

Each one of us will passionately be a leader for new challenges.

Provide Value at the Fastest Rate Possible

We will think, act, and create value at the fastest rate possible.

Set High Goals

We will set extraordinarily high goals for a brighter future.

Make a Plan and Accomplish It

We vow to reach our goals by developing detailed plans, executing them one step at a time, and following through.

Maintain Highest Integrity

We will always choose the path that is, without a doubt, 100% right.

Build True Teamwork

Each of us will work professionally and communicate constructively to achieve our goals together.

Value Every Stakeholder

We value our consumers, clients, colleagues, partners, shareholders, society, and the environment.