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    A new office building bursting with ways to create new connections

    Update : 05/01/2017

    In April 2017, we relocated from the Shinagawa area of Tokyo to Hanzomon, to establish a new corporate headquarters for LIFULL. The concept behind this move was to create an office environment that offers an ideal “new arena for communication,” unlike anything we have had before. We called this the “ENGAWA Project.” We talked to key project members Tomohiko Ando, Takashi Itoi, MotohitoIizuka and Daisuke Miyata, about their thoughts and the inevitable incidents that occurred along the way. The three threads that came together with miraculous timing to clinch relocation Finally getting started… Fleshing out dreams for the ideal office environment How to form “connections”? Refining plans all the way […]

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    A new logo, created to show how serious we are about our brand philosophy

    Update : 05/01/2017

    As a result of brand integration, NEXT has now been reborn as “LIFULL.” As part of this change, we have also created a new logo. It is a symbol that leaves a lasting impression, based on a simpler design than previously. Everything was overseen by corporate creative director Yosuke Watanabe and designer Yoko Mori. We talked to them about the background and process involved, including how they interpreted LIFULL’s brand message and translated that into the final logo. Concerns about the existing linear logo, and action prompted by a passion for design Capturing our brand philosophy, with a focus on “every” rather than “FULL” Presenting the finished logo after a […]

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    Overcoming the barriers of language and culture:Trovit Japan's long awaited start

    Update : 06/23/2015

    Trovit, which operates one of the world’s largest aggregation sites,* became a subsidiary in November 2014. Trovit provides services in more than 40 countries around the world, centered on Europe and Latin America, and this spring Trovit Japan finally opened. We spoke with three key personnel involved in starting up Trovit Japan.* A site that allows users to view, in one place, information gathered from multiple sites How are each of you involved in the overseas business? The goals of Trovit Japan Joys and difficulties What are your next challenges? Team Members Shingo Country Manager, Trovit Japan Joined NEXT in April 2004 as a member of the first class of […]

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    For clients and residents:Marketing support services that seek to transform the real estate industry

    Update : 01/30/2015

    In July 2014, we released NabiSTAR, a private data management platform (DMP), as a marketing support service specific for the real estate industry. A DMP is a system for communicating information with timing and content optimized for each user.That makes it possible for real estate companies, which until now took the uniform approach to all users, to carry out more efficient marketing from an individual approach, optimized for the actions and attributes of individual users.We spoke with the managers responsible for this service, which achieved profitability less than one year after it began. What was the inspiration behind NabiSTAR? What did you find most challenging? What has made you happy […]

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    Challenge of figuring out 3D development alone:Room VR, virtual reality system for viewing properties

    Update : 09/01/2014

    Introduced this spring, Room VR is an experimental virtual reality system for viewing properties. It uses the Oculus Rift head-mounted display—recently in the news because Facebook acquired the manufacturer. Since its introduction, Room VR has attracted attention from numerous newspapers, magazines, and news sites, including TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite, as a system that uses Oculus Rift to make it possible to experience interior layouts, views from windows, exposure to sunlight, and other aspects of a residential property based on virtual reality technologies—ultimately giving consumers the experience of being inside the property.Below, we speak with two members of the Room VR development team. What inspired you to develop Room VR? […]